3D Printers

We use 3D printers for our online-shop shop.The3DObject.com..

Server, PCs and Laptops

Servers are the backbone of modern IT structures, efficiently distributing data and resources. PCs are versatile workstations for individual tasks. Laptops offer mobility and flexibility for people on the move. Together, they form the technological trio that drives our digital world.

Server, PCs and Laptops

Switches and Access Points

Switches form the basic framework of a network, orchestrating the data traffic with precision. Access points extend this network in order to enable wireless connectivity. In combination, they create a robust infrastructure for efficient communication and seamless integration of devices.



Network Attached Storage (NAS) enable easy file sharing and storage over the network. With NAS devices, data can be managed centrally, backed up and accessed from multiple devices. With easy configuration and optional access via the Internet, NAS offer flexible solutions for home and office environments.


Printers and Scanners

Printers and scanners are versatile tools in the modern office. Printers turn digital ideas into tangible documents, while scanners convert physical content into digital formats. This combination increases efficiency and flexibility, whether for printing important reports or for archiving of paper documents. The right choice of devices and technologies optimizes work processes and supports environmentally conscious actions.


Offline Backups

Offline backups are essential for every business. Beyond the online world, they ensure robustness against cyber threats and system failures. Through physical storage, they provide reliable redundancy, increase resilience and guarantee business continuity.

Offline Backup